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Just what is #Wales best known for… castles, song, daffodils, coal mining, leeks, rugby union, football perhaps, or maybe the green, green grass of home?

Answer: Well, yes, it’s widely known and appreciated for all of those… but it is the people and the stunning land in which they live which¬†make Wales such a special place.

In addition to introducing Wales as a whole, Ewegottalove.Wales will throw the spotlight on particular towns, cities or villages, highlighting some of their beauty spots, attractions, and points of interest.

We will travel from place to place, exploring every cwm and every corner, to bring you the very best of Wales – and we want you to get involved. Are ewe proud of a certain unsung hero in your area, or want to make a noise about an amazing group, organisation, or society?

Tell Ewegottalove.Wales about them and we will select our favourites to feature on our website and social media pages when we come to town.

And we want Welsh companies and businesses to get involved too. For a modest fee we will call in and throw the spotlight on your business and all it has to offer your local community. Ewe will be able to reach thousands of potential customers, nationally and globally, through Ewegottalove.Wales.


Got something to shout about? Don’t be sheepish… let Ewegottalove.Wales help ewe spread the word. We’re followed not only by some of the top movers and shakers, but ex-pats and thousands of the good people of Wales… your potential customers!

Whether you sell Celtic jewellery, Welsh glass, red-hot curries, laverbread or cooling honey ice-cream in a kiosk overlooking a stunning west Wales harbour, we want to tell our followers about it!



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A view of the Snowdon Horseshoe in the stunning and picturesque Snowdonia National Park in north-west Wales #ewegottalove #snowdonia #wales
A view of the Snowdon Horseshoe in the stunning and picturesque Snowdonia National Park in north-west Wales #ewegottalove #snowdonia #wales

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